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Tips and Care


Ideally pillows should be chosen well and in order of how one sleeps. Our range of pillows is made to suit every person and how they sleep that is side, front or back.

Is it time for a new pillow?

If you wake up with a pain in your neck, then yes. Your pillow now doesn’t support your neck as it should and it may also mean that your sleeping style doesn’t match your pillow.

Pillowcases increase the life of a pillow and also protect it from dust mites.

Wash your pillow according to the instruction label and make sure it dries well to avoid mildew accumulating which will lead to health problems.


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Duvets are also a pertinent part of how well you will sleep. By choosing the right duvet for the right weather i.e. light duvets for warmer climates and warmer duvets for cold seasons/climates, you’re assured of a peaceful nigh rest.

We recommend using a duvet cover at all times when using your new Butterfly duvet. Duvet covers are very practical as they can be washed on a regular basis. They allow you to change the decor in your bedroom easily.

The duvet cover also, has to fit your duvet properly and thus we advise always pairing Butterfly bedding products together. The Bed Linen Set comes with a flat sheet and two pillowcases that basically protect your bedding and offers a level of comfort, style and versatility.

FLUFF YOUR DUVET DAILY. A few times a year, air it outside (on non-humid days): Just drape it over a clothesline (horizontally rather than vertically) for a few hours. You can also throw it into a dryer on low heat along with a couple of tennis balls to fluff it up nicely.

HOW TO STORE YOUR DUVET. Use a breathable bag to help prevent mildew.

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Machine wash – 30°c

Fold it in half lengthwise and put it into the washing machine. The weight of the duvet will be evenly spread like this.

DRYING: Most duvets may be dried in the machine. However, this may cause the stuffing to “clump”, resulting in a less comfortable sleep. Hanging your duvet out to dry takes longer, but the stuffing won’t clump.